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Choosing Your Invitations Part 1

By ToniAnn Russo on 07/21/2014

Posted Category - Russos On The Bay

      Invitations are one of the most important parts of planning a wedding.  Aside from the factual information, it will give your guests an indication of what to expect by setting the tone for your big day.  It is an integral part of a weddings theme and the tone you want to set.  The goal is to leave a lasting impression.  

The following are some of the top five invitation trends ...

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The "Three P's" of Wedding Planning Part III

By ToniAnn Russo on 06/12/2014

Posted Category - Russos On The Bay

The third "P" of Wedding Planning: Personal Items.

Now that you have decided on where you will be celebrating and who will be a part of your day, you are ready for the final “P” in the planning process. Bouquets, centerpieces, invitations, limousines and favors, are just as much a part of the picture of your day. Invitations should be considered as soon a...

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The "Three P's" of Wedding Planning Part II

By ToniAnn Russo on 05/31/2014

Posted Category - Russos On The Bay

The second "P" of wedding planning, people:

Flowers, Photography, Invitations, where to start? By people, I don’t mean your guests or family members attending, I mean the people that you will be choosing to work with that day. If the person officiating the ceremony is not ...

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By ToniAnn Russo on 05/21/2014

Posted Category - Russos On The Bay

When meeting with couples in the very early stages of Wedding planning, I always look for ways to simplify the plan for them. So here’s a little formula that I’ve come up with for all newly engaged couples to keep focused during the planning period without getting overwhelmed with all of the decisions they will have to make to put their dream day together. First P in this mini blog ser...

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